RxSafe, LLC Introduces New Automated Device


Counting and verification of prescriptions for independent pharmacies

The RapidCountRx device reduces costs, improves accuracy, offers better workload balancing and faster service, resulting in happier patients. “

– William Holmes, CEO of RxSafe

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, Oct. 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – RxSafe LLC, a leading developer of automated robotic technology, has announced a new automated prescription drug counting and verification device, RapidCountRx â„¢, which is compatible with RxSafe 1800 â„¢, the RapidPakRx â„¢ and the RapidCardRx â„¢ systems as well as a separate model. The RapidCountRx enables remote PV2 verification through digitized images of pills, labels and storage bottles, enabling workload balancing in busy pharmacy environments.

The RapidCountRx is used to count, verify, and fill medications either into cartridges that can be used in the RapidPakRx and RapidCardRx adhesive packaging systems, or into vials when used with the RxSafe 1800 system or as a standalone device.

The RapidCountRx captures clear, accurate images of each pill, the label on the vial, and the pills in the vial, as well as the supply bottle. Information on pill properties is combined with patient data, batch number and expiration date and recorded in the database. With the approval of the pharmacist, which can be done in person or remotely, the clerk can release the prescription from the will. Every step of the process is documented and sent to the pharmacy management software system. The pharmacist no longer needs to edit the prescription for PV2 verification.

“The RapidCountRx device lowers costs, improves accuracy, provides better workload balancing and faster service, resulting in happier patients,” said William Holmes, CEO of RxSafe. “Pharmacies can streamline their complex, non-linear workflow and replace it with a simplified, faster and more cost-effective process.”

Developed and manufactured by RxSafe in San Diego, the company’s robotic automation systems help independent retail pharmacies and outpatient pharmacies increase profitability and improve patient safety. The company has a broad portfolio of US and international patents and is aggressively developing new products.


RxSafe’s mission is to improve patient health by partnering with the country’s 21,000 independent retail pharmacies. Our technology solutions are designed to accelerate the success of your pharmacy and change the way you do business. We develop long-term partnerships with pharmacies and other industry innovators to enable patient loyalty, attract new customers, create additional revenue streams, increase profitability and transform the traditional pharmacy model.

Our visionary RapidPakRx â„¢ adhesive bag packaging machine produces single or multiple bags with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, enabling pharmacies to run a drug cycle of up to 31 days at the lowest cost in the industry. RapidCardRx â„¢ is a high-precision, fully automatic large-scale system for filling single or multiple blister cards with integrated image processing testing with universal cartridges. The automated storage and retrieval system RxSafe 1800 â„¢ offers unparalleled accuracy and speed, increased security and compact size at the lowest possible cost.

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