Should you refill ink cartridges for Canon inkjet printers or buy new ones?

With the purchase of an inkjet printer, we inevitably face the problem of replacing consumables. The use of original cartridges or alternative cartridges is everyone’s personal decision. In this article we will tell you in detail how you can refill Canon cartridges yourself at home and give you some tips on when it is better to buy a new cartridge. Let us begin!

Refill old or buy new: what to choose?

Refill the old cartridge or buy a new one? This question arises among printer owners when the cartridge is running low. Manufacturers of pressure equipment give a clear recommendation: no refilling – only purchase of new original components. The main disadvantage of original cartridges is their high cost. The price of most “native” components is at least 50% of the cost of the printer itself.

If the printer is actively used, the cartridge will need to be replaced frequently. And giving a large sum every time is expensive. Not surprisingly, printer owners are looking for ways to reduce consumable costs. Then it is worth considering the possibility of refilling the cartridge. For example, you can check the price of the refurbished device here Canon 245 ink on smart ink.

refilling process

You can refill the printer cartridge, but it is not easy at all. The cartridge for the printer must be removed from your device and thoroughly cleaned; The old ink should be carefully removed and then reinserted. Self-filling can result in:

  • The ink could leak and clog your printhead;
  • You could void your printer warranty;
  • Ink quality may be poor;
  • Refilling cartridges is a messy business, so you can stain your hands or your work area with the ink.

Therefore, if you decide to refill the cartridge, it is best to contact a professional refill company to have your printer cartridges refilled. The cost of such a service today is not very high. However, not all original components are refillable. Manufacturers often produce consumables that are only suitable for one-time use. And cartridges with chips can only be reused after the printer has been reconfigured from scratch.

How often can you refill cartridges?

Constant refilling of ink in the same cartridge will not work in any case. Consumable parts wear out quickly and the quality and pressure decrease. The typical signs indicate that it is time to change the cartridge:

  • Text and images on the print become less light, even if recently refilled;
  • Various defects (black dots, faint streaks, and gaps) appear during printing.

This indicates wear of parts, which usually occurs after 1-2 refill cycles. If the cartridge is not successfully refilled it can not only fail but also damage the printer itself, so we recommend purchasing the alternative to OEM products like remanufactured or compatible cartridges specifically for your device rather than refilling the old ones.

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