Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s Announce Changes That Affect Customers’ Purchases


The UK’s largest supermarkets have announced changes that will affect the way customers shop.

New green initiatives and changes to popular loyalty programs are among the differences shoppers may notice – we’ll see what to expect.


Reusable packaging, recycling programs and changes to the Nectar card are coming soonPhoto credit: Getty


Tesco shoppers can reuse packaging for specific products by returning to the store and receiving a top-up when the original is used up.

The supermarket chain started a partnership with the returnable packaging company Loop this week.

Customers can bring an item’s packaging back to the store where it is cleaned, refilled and reused.

The new renewable range consists of 88 products, including Persil, Fever-Tree, Carex, Tetley Tea and BrewDog.


Morrisons has also started its own green initiative.

The company plans to zero waste all of its 498 UK stores by next year.

Initially, the system will be tested at six locations in Edinburgh to avoid waste.

Customers can drop off their rubbish at collection points in the Morrisons foyers.

These include hard-to-recycle soft plastics like candy wrappers and pet food bags; hard plastics such as yogurt pots; and mixed materials such as crisp tubes and coffee pods.

Special products such as ink cartridges and batteries as well as items that have not yet been recycled such as foils and flower pots are also collected.

The waste, which includes the garbage generated in the camps, is collected and recycled in the UK.

In addition to the recycling campaign, more unsold groceries are being offered in the zero-waste stores via the Too Good to Go food sharing app.


Sainsbury’s is making changes to its popular Nectar loyalty program to offer its customers personalized options.

My nectar prices will be introduced from September 22nd.

The points system gives buyers money on the items they buy the most – with discounts of up to 30% on their favorite items.

Sainsbury’s said the program could save weekly customers more than £ 200 a year.

You need the Nectar app to view your personalized discounts, which you can download from the Appstore or Google play.

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