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Since Massachusetts legalized recreational cannabis in 2016, the ways of consuming the plant, what to buy, and where to shop have exploded. Gone are the days when you secretly coordinated a pickup via SMS with your weed guy; Walk a few blocks into a good number of MA communities and you’re sure to stumble upon a pot shop or two.

With all of these decisions, the question of what to buy can be daunting. Here’s a roundup of the best cannabis products available across Massachusetts, compiled by Leafly expertise and market research.

Fernway steam cartridges

Fernway steam cartridge
Homemade (diesel and pine) flavored vape cartridge from Fernway. (Courtesy Fernway)

If you enjoy cannabis vapes, you won’t have lived until you hit a Fernway cartridge. The company is brand new – the founders, old friends who decided to combine their unique skills and shared passions for cannabis, spent most of 2020 preparing for their official launch on April 20, 2021. Current, right?

Her first drop consisted of five half-gram, 510-compatible cartridges, all of which use cannabis distillate with botanical terpenes for flavors like Berry Haze, Wild Mint, and Stonefruit. Last month, their newer collection of strain-specific cartridges appeared in pharmacies across Massachusetts, offering four new products using cannabis penes to recreate popular flower strains in vapor, such as Red Headed Stranger and Tahoe OG.

There’s more to come – Fernway is now bringing some of the original botanically flavored strains to market in one-gram cartridges. Although Fernway is based in Northampton, MA, Fernway products can be found in stores across the state.


The most popular cannabis strains in Massachusetts right now

Happy Valley flower

Super Lemon Haze strain of marijuana
Happy Valleys version of Super Lemon Haze. (Gregg Weiss)

Happy Valley was born and raised in Gloucester and is sure to bring a smile to your face. The buds of this brand are huge, dense, and fragrant, and are ground to the perfect consistency for packaging a bowl.

Strains range from fan favorites like Super Lemon Haze and GG4 to rarer hybrids like Dog Patch (Chemdog 91 BX2 x Chemdog D). These eighths don’t come with terpene shields, so grab a Boveda two-way moisture pack and toss it in to keep the flower fresh.

The brand’s website breaks down each strain on offer and gives a list of terpenes, genetics, and common effects. And flowers aren’t all the company offers; the full range also includes a selection of edibles, steam cartridges and concentrates. With stores in Gloucester and Boston, Happy Valley also wholesalers and ships to pharmacies across the state and select areas. Find out more at

Seltzer enriched with Cantrip

Cantrip cannabis seltzer
Cantrip offers four-packs of cannabis seltzer in three flavors: ginger-peach, grapefruit-hibiscus and lemon-basil. (Courtesy Cantrip)

Cannabis selters really turned out to be the drink of summer this year, and for good reason: they’re light, refreshing, and quick to act. Cool off before the end of summer with Cantrip Selters, sold in packs of four with three unique flavors – lemon basil, grapefruit-hibiscus, or ginger-peach.

Each can contains 3 mg of THC and 2 mg of CBD and is infused through a nanoemulsification process, which means that consumers can expect the effects to begin within about 20 minutes of consumption. Cannabisterpenes and other herbs give the citrus aromas an earthy punch, which makes the seltzer taste just as hearty as it is sweet.

The company is small, founded in 2020 by former pharmacy employees and based in Framingham. Check out the brand’s website to see where to find Cantrip in Massachusetts and what the tagline is, “Hang Out Without the Hangover.”


Pot Girl summer drinks 2021

Natural heritage concentrated

Double Krush Live Rosin cannabis concentrate
Double Krush Living Rosin from Nature’s Heritage. (Julie Pergola)

Nature’s Heritage calls itself “the best cannabis Mother Earth has to offer,” and it’s hard to disagree after you’ve tried a few things. The flower is always hand cut, organic and pesticide free with potent terpenes and buds that can be recognized by their vivid colors and an excess of trichomes.

The brand’s flower, while amazing on its own, is probably best consumed after it’s extracted into concentrates – whatever your desired consistency, Nature’s Heritage likely has it: wax, bubble hash, living rosin, etc. Almost all of its legendary strains are available as concentrates – check out the indica hybrids in particular if you want to feel relaxed and exhilarated.

Nature’s Heritage is a national brand but operates its Massachusetts manufacturing facility from ARL Healthcare in New Bedford. Pharmacies across the state bear the brand. Read more at

Freshly baked gummy bears

freshly baked cannabis gums
Freshly Baked offers nine flavors of infused gummy bears. (Courtesy Benjamin Wight)

At this point in the legal cannabis game, it’s hard to revolutionize classic infused gum. But Freshly Baked company found a way. The Taunton-based company was founded in 2018 by two disabled veterans with the hope of introducing cannabis to other people suffering from PTSD to help them manage it.

Gummy bears are available in packs of 20, each gummy bear containing a total of 5 mg. They have a juicy and refreshing texture and the flavors are of the highest order – grab a pack of blueberry lemonade or strawberry lemonade for a delicious treat with the perfect dosage.

The company has just started packaging its own flower as well, so freshly baked pre-rolls should be rolled out in pharmacies across the state soon enough. Check the Freshly Baked website to find out where you can find their products or order delivery to a residential address within 15 miles of Taunton.


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Sira Naturals pre-rolls

The best time to pre-roll is when you’re just too lazy to roll your own joint – but with so many brands out there, which ones are good? Sira Naturals Pre-Rolls are consistently of the highest quality and pack the perfect one-gram dosage in a raw king-size cone. They are finely ground and always pale, for a smooth, even burn.

As with all pharmacy pre-rolls, roll this a little between your fingers before lighting to distribute the flower evenly so it doesn’t slide to the side when lighting. A list of pharmacies selling Sira’s pre-rolled joints can be found online at

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