The best tank printers of 2022

The performance of the tank printers has also improved. Early on, the models we tested fell short of cartridge-fed inkjet printers when it came to producing crisp text and images, but that’s no longer true.

Today’s tanks are also much easier to fill than their predecessors.

“Changing the ink on the first generation tank models used to be a messy business because the fill nozzles were just simple orifices,” says Rich Sulin, who leads CR’s printer testing program. “A better design that grips the bottle while refilling solved the problem.”

Our printer reviews currently include 22 tank models from three brands: Canon MegaTank, Epson EcoTank and HP. Both Canon and Epson score well in Consumer Reports consumer satisfaction ratings. (There is not enough data to give a grade to HP’s tank printers.)

But we’re not recommending Canon MegaTank printers at this time, as they’ve received a fair rating for predicted reliability. The results are based on surveys of 122,422 Consumer Reports members who bought a new printer between 2014 and 2014 2021 We use a statistical model to estimate problem rates through the end of the fourth year of ownership for machines not covered by an extended warranty or service contract.

In response to CR’s findings, Canon said in a statement that it is committed to providing products that meet or exceed customer expectations.

“We continually evaluate our products and listen to our customers to create digital imaging solutions that are simple and convenient,” the company said. “We appreciate the support, feedback and loyalty from our customers over the years.”

Here are four Epson tank printer models that performed well in our labs. Like most printers in the CR reviews, they include WiFi networks for wireless printing.

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