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Tackling corporate waste is one of the key components of sustainability. For example, going paperless is a great way to reduce office waste. around 21 million tons Paper waste is thrown away by businesses every year and we must do everything we can to reduce this number. If you can put together a paperless plan, then do your part in the fight. However, your efforts don’t have to stop here! There are many other ways to reduce waste production when running a business – check out some of them below.

Be digitally flexible

The more flexible you can be, the less CO2 your working life releases. And if you can show that your carbon footprint is small, you don’t have to offset your efforts nearly as much as your competitors.

So be flexible here, especially in the digital world. The more you can move from paper and physical files to the world of cloud storage and cloud telephonythe better you will function.

Not only are you able to stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology, but you can also conduct your operations from anywhere. And not having to leave the house means fewer vehicles on the road too!

Always have reusable items on hand

The more you can reuse things in the company, the less you will use the trash cans in the background. And when they are empty, waste is no longer a problem. Also, there are more and more reusable items on the market. Items like hand wash bottles and even ink cartridges can now be refilled, meaning you only need to buy one to use forever.

And even small changes can make a big difference here. Reusable water bottles that go to work instead of coffee mugs and kettles that need to be cleaned en masse – this can be a huge waste of water if done day in and day out! Turning the dishwasher off also uses a lot less electricity.

Find out how much can be recycled

Recycling can be a little difficult to understand once you take it all symbols out there considered. However, almost every material currently on the market can be recycled. Glass, paper, cardboard and plastic are the top 4, and the more you know about throwing away, the less waste you will create.

Take all non-widespread materials to specialized centers and never just throw anything away without thinking. And if you find your business is producing a lot of food waste, you could even start your own community garden or compost heap!

Your business will produce some kind of waste. However, you can minimize the impact from the start if you know how. Use methods like the above to limit your overall carbon footprint and don’t be afraid to move towards Zero Waste.

Photography by Olena Sergienko

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