The French present a scooter that runs on hydrogen cartridges


The French company Mob-Ion last week presented a model of its electric scooter that runs on green hydrogen. Particularly noteworthy is the fuel system on the new scooter. The hydrogen is actually stored in rechargeable refill cartridges.

Hydrogen cartridges

Each of the cartridges has an autonomous range of 15 kilometers. A scooter can stow three or four of them under its saddle, which gives an autonomous range of around 60 kilometers. The hydrogen feeds the fuel cells that produce the electrical energy to drive the scooter.

Hydrogen cartridges © Stor-H


The refill cartridges are the size of a kind of double beverage can. This has the great advantage that the cartridges can be removed and reinserted in next to no time. This replaceable system speeds up the “refueling” process. According to the developers, the refill cartridges are unlimited, even rechargeable a thousand times and fully recyclable. They are filled with green hydrogen, i.e. hydrogen that is obtained from renewable energies. The initiators show how the scooter works in the following video:

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Today, most of the hydrogen is reformed from methane gas, which releases CO2. The disadvantage of green hydrogen is its price, which is two to three times higher than that of “gray” hydrogen.

French-Swiss cooperation

The scooter was developed in cooperation with the Swiss company STOR-H Technologies, which is responsible for the technology for storing hydrogen in refill cartridges.

Mob-ion was founded in Paris in 2015 and focuses on developing “green” means of transport and energy storage.

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