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While many teenagers locked huge amounts of screens, regional Victorian sisters Daisy and Tilly Johnson spent hours creating their own sustainable skin care range, One Summer.

The 14-piece range was created during the 2020 extended lockdown and includes cleansers, serums, clay masks, moisturizers and a toner. Australian botanicals such as aloe vera, cockatoo plum, cedarwood and ylang ylang are important ingredients and no parabens are added.

As an example of the ethos of their generation, the products are tested on animals and come in sustainable packaging – the cartridge refill system allows customers to return a product’s cartridge as soon as it is empty, which the brand then cleans, refills and re-uses.

“The beauty industry is responsible for so much plastic waste and it was very important to us that One Summer didn’t contribute,” says Daisy.

Developed with the help of her father Stu, who has worked in the beauty industry for more than 25 years, the family each played a role in the development of the brand: Daisy takes care of product development, Tilly is the word forge behind the personality and tone of the brand, while 18 -year-old brother Barnaby takes care of the supply chain and logistics.

“One Summer’s success belongs to the children,” says Stu. “I was just there to hold her hand and guide her along the way. They had the last word on every point and it was great to see how they brought their passion for skin care and sustainability to life while they were with the School juggled. ”

One dollar of the revenue for each product goes to the youth welfare organization Reach Out. “The social enterprise component was important to us and is reflected in the brand name,” says Tilly. “‘One’ stands for one dollar donated, while ‘Summer’ speaks for our passion for the ocean and the environment. We are proud to be able to support both.”

This story Teens create skin care during lockdown
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