VAPORESSO launches XROS NANO, with innovative upgrades in a trendy package

SHENZHEN, China, January 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The newest member of VAPORESSO’s XROS family, the new XROS NANO is a fresh and hip entry into the vaping world. Taking the modern aesthetic and simple, streamlined design of the popular XROS family, the XROS NANO takes it up a notch with a bold, on-trend design and a host of new features packed into a compact and fully compatible kit.

Introducing the XROS NANO:

A trendy look to show your personality

The refreshing design of the XROS NANO shows an urban look with the latest contemporary trends. Available in 6 different colors to fit each user’s personality, its compact and expressive style captures the vibrant streetwear look that defines the vaping subculture. With a lanyard, users can express their true selves even more by wearing the stylish device around their neck.

XROS NANO design showcases a bold new urban look:

Pioneering for unbeatable enjoyment

The XROS NANO breaks new ground and is the world’s first pod system with Boost Circuit Pulse Mode. Powered by its AXON chipset, Pulse mode emits a regular pulsing output every 0.2 seconds, allowing the Nano to deliver smoother performance throughout the draw. Vapers can have a fulfilling vaping experience from the first hit to the last as the device continues to deliver great, consistent flavors even with less than 30% battery life. In addition, the XROS NANO will last you a whole day with its battery capacity of 1000 mAh.

Compatibility and Additional Features

In addition to its expressive design and brilliant upgrades under the hood, the XROS NANO includes both a 1.2Ω pod and a 0.08Ω mesh pod to enhance both flavor and nicotine delivery. Vapers will be delighted to know that the XROS NANO is fully compatible with other pods in the XROS series, so users don’t have to worry about swapping out their cartridges.

The device also features VAPORESSO’s leak-proof SSS technology, used in the company’s latest mods and tanks, to prevent e-liquid leaks. Coupled with XROS NANO’s clamshell top filling system, users can have a messy and worry-free vaping experience. Also included is accurate airflow control to ensure every vaper has a comfortable vaping experience and an LED battery life indicator to show how much life the device has left.

what color are you

To celebrate the release, vapers can take an online test to discover the unique XROS NANO color that best represents their personality. takes place until March 30thparticipants can download and share their results for a chance to win a brand new XROS NANO.

The XROS NANO has a host of additional features:


While VAPORESSO carries all the hallmarks of the popular XROS series, VAPORESSO has stepped things up significantly with the XROS NANO. In this truly game-changing upgrade, encased in a new bold on-trend design, XROS NANO invites users to CROSS THE LIMIT. The latest device from VAPORESSO truly shows their commitment to innovation and quality, a testament to their mission, MOVE BEYOND ORDINARY.

An overview of the XROS family:

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Primary logo

Introducing the XROS NANO

Introducing the XROS NANO

The design of the XROS NANO shows a bold new urban look

The design of the XROS NANO shows a bold new urban look

The XROS NANO has a variety of additional functions

The XROS NANO has a variety of additional functions

An overview of the XROS family

An overview of the XROS family


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