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Many HP users have reported that their printers print papers crooked instead of printing them straight. Oddly enough, the problem only affects certain series of HP printers.

My printer prints crooked paper for no apparent reason? Fix it by reorienting the printer. One of the most common causes of skewed paper is an incorrectly configured cartridge orientation in the printer. You should also reinstall the printer drivers or contact HP support for more information.

See the instructions for each of these steps below.

Why is my printer printing skewed paper?

  1. Realign printer
  2. Uninstall and reinstall the driver
  3. OEM suggestions

1. Realign the printer

HP printer

As mentioned earlier, the problem can occur due to an incorrectly configured printer paper tray orientation. You can easily realign the print cartridge from the Tools menu. Before doing this, however, make sure to remove and reinstall the duplexer to make sure there is no paper jam. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Remove the duplexer from your printer. Make sure there is no paper stuck anywhere. Reinstall the duplexer and make sure it is properly seated. Also, wipe off any dust on the duplexer.
  2. Press the Put up Button ( key Symbol) on the printer.
  3. Use the to the right-Arrow key to navigate 6th possibilityTools.
  4. Press OK to select Tools.
  5. Press the to the right-Arrow key to achieve that Align the printer Opportunity.
  6. click OK to select the Align the printer Opportunity.

The printer shows “Align cartridges .. please wait. This process takes approximately 7 minutes“.

When the process is complete, the printer will automatically print a page with the message “Alignment successful. Recycle or dispose of the[OldPrinterPressOKtoContinue[ageprinterPressOKtoContinue[AlterDruckerDrückenSieOKumfortzufahren[ageprinterPressOKtoContinue“.

Now try printing any document on your printer and see if there are any improvements.

2. Uninstall and reinstall the driver

Another common problem that can cause the printer to behave abnormally is out of date or faulty printer driver software. Users have reported that uninstalling and then reinstalling the printer driver fixed the problem. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Search for Device manager in the search bar and open it.
  2. In Device Manager, find and expand the Print queues Section.
  3. Right click on the problematic printer and select “Uninstall device “. Click on Yes sir when asked to confirm the decision.
    Uninstall printer queues device
  4. After the printer driver has been uninstalled, restart the system.
  5. Windows will automatically install the printer driver after the restart.
  6. If the printer is still not recognized, open Device manager and go to Actions> Check for hardware changes.

Make sure you have also installed the latest version of HP Solution Center. Also, try uninstalling and reinstalling the HP Solution Center if uninstalling the drivers did not work.

3. OEM suggestions

According to HP support, the printer itself cannot print the paper crooked. This is only possible if the papers are fed in at an angle. The problem is usually with the paper tray and its orientation. Even if the paper tray is not loose or misaligned, it is possible that an object (such as a piece of paper) is causing the problem.

Make sure to clean the paper tray, search for objects, and realign the printer before considering repairing the printer.


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