What you should consider before buying your first vaporizer


A puff of smoke. Fog in the morning. There’s a reason so many people vape. It feels amazing, tastes amazing and is a great way to relieve stress without the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes!

Are you currently a smoker and want to make the switch? Are you just wondering what exactly is going on inside those metal boxes? Whoever you are, this guide will walk you through how vaping devices work, the different types of vaping, and what you need to get started. And if you’re done with this article and wondering Where sells Elf bars near me in the UKclick the link to find out!

parts of an e-cigarette

Although there can be vape kits with additional features, the core components of an e-cigarette are as follows:


The battery in the e-cigarette powers the LED display and atomizer and is usually contained in a protective outer case. It’s activated either by a button or by inhaling into the mouthpiece, which is why you might notice that the light on a vape pen only comes on when the user inhales.


The atomizer in an e-cigarette turns the e-liquid into vapor that can be inhaled through the mouthpiece. It’s made of a moisture-wicking material, usually cotton. The material is saturated with liquid and quickly heated by the heating coil.

cartridge/tank (with mouthpiece)

An e-cigarette stores its liquid either in its tank or in a refill cartridge. Cartridges are generally easier to maintain and more convenient, while a built-in tank allows users to save on vape liquid since they can purchase larger bottles and refill the vape manually.

Advantages of vaping over smoking

If you are a smoker, pay attention to this section!


According to public health sources in the UK, vaping is 20 times less harmful than smoking and has been found to be the most effective way to quit smoking!

Don’t stink anymore

The stench of cigarette smoke, especially if you ask asthmatics or people with sensitive noses, lingers on walls, fabrics and hair and is difficult to wash off. Vapor, on the other hand, comes in an assortment of great-smelling flavors and dissipates instantly.

Cheaper than smoking

A pack of cigarettes bought over the lunch break usually costs more than the lunch itself! Even if you don’t smoke a pack a day, it adds up. Additionally, cigarettes are pretty wasteful, and there’s no way to make a cigarette’s burn rate more efficient.

On the other hand, e-cigarette liquid is cheap and can be ordered in bulk. With a vape kit, you can just as easily customize how much vapor is released at once and how often you draw, giving you more control over your habits and ultimately saving you a bunch of hard-earned money.

E cigarette

Your First E-Cigarette: A Buying Guide

With everything we’ve told you about vaping so far, hopefully we’ve made it sound less scary for you!

If you’ve been confused so far that we’re using the terms vape pen, e-cigarette, and e-cigarette, note that these all mean the same thing, and e-cigarettes come in all sorts of different configurations that they have essentially the same components, so choosing your first e-cigarette will depend on these factors:


Vaping comes in two main styles: “Classic” or “mouth-to-lung” and “sub-ohm” or “direct-to-lung”.

With “classic” vaping, the vapor is first inhaled into the mouth before it then flows into the lungs. This is most similar to traditional smoking, so it’s usually the choice of beginners.

The “sub-ohm” style inhales vapor directly from the vape pen’s mouthpiece into the lungs and is typically used with vape kits with more powerful heating coils to quickly vaporize large amounts of vapor, creating the iconic dense “cloud chasing” look is created. This is usually picked up later in a vaper’s journey, as it requires either modification or the purchase of higher powered pens.


cigars: These use tobacco and menthol flavored refills and usually contain nicotine. These are inexpensive and suitable for those looking to quit as they fill the same shape in the hand as a traditional cigarette. Consider getting this if you prefer to be discreet when vaping

vape pens: These are generally shaped like pens and easily fit into pockets and cases that a regular pen might fit. These are easy to use and very sustainable as they can be filled and refilled with e-liquid and contain replaceable heating coils. There are both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung options for both novice and experienced vapers.

box kits: These have a more boxy battery component compared to the vape pens and also contain e-liquid through the built-in reservoir. Box kits tend to be more customizable and feature-rich, from the ability to adjust wattage and voltage to puff counters that can help you monitor your vaping habits.


You can control how much nicotine is in the e-liquid and you should be really aware and careful when purchasing cartridges or e-liquids that contain nicotine.

I encourage you to do your own research as nicotine addiction is very real. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need more or less nicotine for your stress relief.

If you are an existing smoker and trying to replace vaping, I recommend 6-12mg for light smokers and 18-20mg for heavy smokers.

One final note on nicotine: if you choose vape kits that are designed for “sub-ohm” or “direct-to-lung” vaping, you should be careful due to the large volume of vapor that is inhaled at one time. View Vape Liquids with dramatically lower nicotine concentrations. A good rule of thumb is to divide by three or four times. So for example if you are a heavy smoker then 5-6mg would be perfect for you.


Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are the two main unflavored ingredients in vape juice. Any e-liquid you buy will contain a percentage of both PG and VG and this information should be easy to obtain through most e-liquid packaging.

To avoid a bitter, burnt-tasting vape experience, choose juices over 50% VG for sub-ohm devices and juices over 50% PG for classic devices. If you are unsure or planning to own multiple types of vape pens, 50/50 PG and VG e-liquids work well with most vape e-cigarettes.


Vaping is a fun hobby that can help you manage stress, make friends in the vaping community, and have something to do when you’re distracted or feeling fidgety. I hope this article has educated you more about the world of e-cigarettes and convinced you of the benefits of vaping over traditional cigarette sticks!

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