Where to Buy Printer Inks and Cheap Ink Cartridges


A home printer is handy, but if you currently work from home and use yours, quantity more than usual, then it won’t be long before it needs to be refueled. Printer cartridges and toners vary widely in price – so it is a good idea to not only know where to buy printer ink, but also to know where it is cheapest.

You can find many cartridges and toners that are available as. Marked are OEM Products that stand for original end manufacturers. This means they were made by the brand that made the printer they were designed for. The bigger brands for home printers are HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother. Xerox and Kodak are almost prominent manufacturers of laser printers.

Then there is compatible Printer cartridges, which is just the industry term for those made by third parties. You can often find these labeled as obsoletewhich means they are used toner cartridges that have been recycled and refilled. Because of the lower cost, these are usually the cheapest on the market.

Read on to learn more about where to buy printer ink and cheap ink cartridges. Our list below includes distributors who have ink cartridges among their products, as well as several UK companies that make and sell compatible cartridges.

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Where is the cheapest way to buy printer ink online?

Here is our list of online stores where you can find the best prices on inkjet and laser printer cartridges and toners.


This online seller proudly states on their websites that they have cartridges in stock for only 99p. You will find a range of toners and cartridges available with a total of 27 different printer brands. You can either search for your cartridge by printer model or select the cartridge model number.


It won’t come as a big surprise to anyone that Amazon has printer cartridges in stock. You can find cartridges from both OEMs and third-party suppliers, with the occasional small price drop.

Cartridge people

Another website that offers an easy search process via a drop down tool. Cartridge People has both OEM cartridges and private label alternatives – which, unsurprisingly, are significantly cheaper.

Cartridge shop

In addition to its range of print cartridges and toners, Cartridge Shop also carries a range of office equipment. Despite the very low prices, the company offers a two-year 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that if your cartridges are not up to date, you can return them for free.

Curry’s PC world

Currys stocks OEM cartridges, but it’s well worth checking out the store’s own-brand Essentials range. These are compatible with HP, Epson and Canon printers and come with a two year warranty.

Ink factory

Ink Factory makes its own line of ink cartridges compatible with HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother printers. We are seeing strong price reductions for bundled products. So if you replace your cartridges regularly, it’s worth checking here to see if offers are compatible with your printer.

Internet ink

Nottingham-based Internet Ink makes and sells compatible cartridges that – according to the company’s website – are half the price of OEM equivalents and have higher capacity. Find cartridges compatible with HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Kodak, Advent and Ricoh here.


The major stationery stores have cartridges for sale on their website and they have some of the best prices on OEM cartridges. Some of the offers are exclusively online. However, if you take your old cartridges from the store with you, Ryman will recycle them and offer you a discount on your next purchase of printer ink.


Loyal dealer Staples sells both cartridges and toners, with a drop-down search function on their website that will find the right product for your device. Note, however, that only OEM cartridges are sold.


Wilko stocks OEM cartridges from Canon, Epson, HP, Brother, and Samsung – but when shopping at Wilko, be sure to check out the store’s remanufactured cartridges. They are particularly cheap and available for each of the brands already mentioned. Some offers are exclusively online.

Cheap ink cartridge deals for March 2021

There aren’t many printer ink deals available online right now, but we’ve listed them below. We will continue to list this page with the latest ink cartridge offers. To stay up to date on the latest tech offerings, subscribe to the RadioTimes.com Offers newsletter.

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