Why HP Printer Ink Is So Expensive – Top Tips for Saving Money

Did you know that cartridge type printer ink is more expensive than vintage champagne? Original HP supplies prices can be puzzling. Some consumers even wonder if buying a new inkjet printer is cheaper than buying a new ink. This is of course a bad idea in terms of sustainability, and there are affordable alternatives to OEM products.

Originally, printing ink was made from water and food coloring. It faded after several months, so manufacturers created products with lasting photo quality. Hewlett Packard is credited with developing the first mass-market inkjet printer. Today the company, like Canon or Brother, advises customers against third-party deliveries. Still, you can find any ink, including HP 65 ink, in independent stores, and the prices are much more attractive.

Razors and blades

In 1988, HP launched the first retail inkjet printer. At the time, the device cost around $ 1,000. Now you can get a low-end model for under $ 100. While device prices have plummeted, ink prices have always been high.

The logic is simple and is similar to selling razors and blades. The printers are sold at break-even point or if they are lost. The consumables are expensive so buyers are caught in a cycle. Fortunately, major printer brands no longer have a monopoly on supplies.

This will save you money

There are several ways to avoid buying expensive OEM cartridges every time. This includes buying a compatible product, purchasing a manufactured cartridge, or refilling the cartridge you are using. The alternative cartridges can provide the same print quality at a low cost. They are called “generic” or “aftermarket” cartridges.

1. Compatible cartridges

These products are designed and manufactured by independent brands such as Smart Ink. Although they work with popular printer models, they emulate the original accessories and do not copy them. Minor differences allow manufacturers not to violate patent protection laws.

2. Remanufactured cartridges

Another way to make a cheaper product is to take an original cartridge and fill it with fresh ink. The process includes dismantling, emptying, cleaning, replacing elements if necessary, injecting new ink and reassembling. Reliable vendors test the cartridges at every stage to make sure they are working properly.

This option is particularly attractive to consumers who are sustainability-minded. Reusing the original cartridge cases reduces waste. You can order such products online with free shipping and with extensive guarantees. Note that quality can vary, so look for reputable providers with a positive reputation.

Eventually, you might find an outlet to refill your old cartridge. This is the least convenient option as you will have to physically transport your product and spend time, while the quality will depend on the ink and the capabilities of the refill.

last words

While printer ink is outrageously expensive, the aftermarket offers cheaper, more sustainable alternatives. When shopping, look out for a 2-year guarantee and compliance with quality standards such as ISO.

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