WWP Beauty launches refillable packaging line to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


The company launched its Refill Revolution collection this week, featuring four types of containers that can hold a variety of cosmetic products, including a pen, two sizes of sticks, a traditional bottle, and a travel-size bottle.

Speaking to CosmeticsDesign, Carley Propst, Marketing Director at WWP said the collection was created to meet customer demand for refillable packaging, but particular attention was paid to making the product intuitive for consumers.

“Many brands may have problems with the question ‘How do I implement a refill system in my line?'”Provost said. “That really goes back to why we wanted to do it, but we also wanted to show them the value of refillable products because that’s an extra sustainability step for the brand that they can take.”

The collection

Inspired by a popular previously released tube collection, the refillable line included a non-contact pen with a single or triple ball applicator for spot treatments, eye serums and targeted lip and eye treatments, as well as an oval brush for concealer and fluid complexion products.

The collection also included sticks in two sizes for direct application of products for the face (color cosmetics and skin care) or the body (body care, body care and hygiene products and skin care). The company said the line offered “intuitive” and “Easy to Use” Refill system with a mono-material refill cartridge and the option to add post-consumer recycling (PCR) content.

The line also offered a more traditional one “Fill and go”Pump bottle, ideal for color cosmetics, skin and hair care products. To trends towards “Bite-sized beauty”Propst also said the collection includes a travel size bottle for cream or gel-based formulas in a range of beauty and personal care categories.

Propst also said they plan to expand the collection to include containers like other pump bottles and jars in the future.

“This collection of intuitive refillable packaging has been designed with components that can be used in all beauty categories to show brands the possibilities to apply a refillable program to their existing line.”Said Michael Tognetti, Global Sustainability Senior Director at WWP Beauty.

Sustainability measurements

Using WWP’s Eco-Analyzer tool, Propst found that refillable packaging had a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions after multiple uses. After three uses, the face and body pens reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 71-72% compared to conventional pen packaging.

“We are able to generate these validated claims, and we generate them specifically for this launch.”Provost said. “But brands can use this tool and its capabilities for pretty much anything they work on, to make better sustainable decisions and compare materials, when they take this refillable design system and add PCR.”

The information from the analyzer could also be used to provide customers with no “Greenwashing”Or mislead customers by making unsubstantiated claims about how environmentally friendly a company’s products are, Propst said.

While brands and consumers showed increasing interest in refillable packaging, Propst combined WWP’s collection with ease of use and sound sustainability information to make the packaging viable for producers and convince buyers to try the product.

“It’s really important because it takes a little longer to convince someone to buy refillable material and then go back and get the refill and put it in.”Provost said. “It’s something that someone really has to do, so I think it’s really important to have this information to support it.”

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