You don’t need to buy an original HP cartridge – here’s why


Have you checked HP cartridge prices lately? Large printer brands are notorious for their expensive consumables. The cheapest inkjet printer might cost less than $ 100, but you can spend almost as much on new cartridges each month. Understandably, consumers are outraged as to why third-party brands are thriving. Should you buy a compatible cartridge or refill your old one instead?

The decisive advantage of original products is that compatibility is always guaranteed and you do not have to compare different providers. However, the industry of compatible products has evolved over the past few years. Today you can buy compatible HP 902 ink from a provider like Smart Ink for under $ 65.

Controversial OEM prices

Are you familiar with the “razors and blades” business model? It is used in a variety of industries, from beauty products to printing. Big brands can sell their devices at breakeven or even at a loss. The idea is to attract customers who buy original accessories afterwards.

Therefore, it is the cartridges that manufacturers use to amortize their investment. Typically, they explain their outrageous prices with the intense research and development that goes into developing new devices. While the quality of the machines is beyond doubt, the practice is hardly attractive to the public.

The same logic is used to buy any famous brand. Hewlett Packard does not advise customers to purchase any third-party consumables or to refill them. However, these are only recommendations, and they will not void your warranty on the printer itself.

Compatible products: No problem

One easy way to replace an ink cartridge is to get a compatible product from a third party:

  • These consumables are designed and manufactured from the ground up so you don’t have to worry about the match between the ink and the tank.
  • Each replacement is designed for a specific model or models of HP printer.
  • These products are not classified as counterfeit. Slight differences in design help manufacturers make legitimate profits.
  • You get free shipping and a full warranty.

Refill or not refill?

Another way to save on consumables is to reuse old cartridges. Traditionally, consumers would bring their products to a company that refilled with fresh ink after they were drained and cleaned. This is still possible. The main disadvantage is that you have to visit the outlet, and the result depends on the ink and skill of the staff.

A better solution is to purchase an OEM remanufactured cartridge from a reliable store. The best providers offer a guarantee and test each product before shipping. Your products are working perfectly, so you can enjoy the same print quality.

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